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Ultimate Manufacturing Technologies specializes in finding you the correct optimizing saws machinery for your processing needs.

weinig optimize saw WEINIG OptiCut 450 series: Highly efficient concept for optimal dynamism and performance in high-performance, continuous operation.

The OptiCut 450 series from the WEINIG DimterLine offers high-speed optimizing cross-cut saws for all industrial requirements. Select from our OptiCut range from simple to fully-automatic solutions. Position, cut and sort at rapid speed – and all of that with optimal recovery. Modern operations need this performance – for fixed-length cutting, when cutting out defects and for optimization. They are not only the fastest but also provide reliability, accuracy and complete user-friendliness. Once set up, they are immediately profitable in high-performance, continuous operation – the machines of the technology leader from the DimterLine. For more information and options see:Weinig USA

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