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Ultimate Manufacturing Technologies specializes in finding you the correct finishing equipment for your processing needs.

Dubois UV Finishing Equipment Dubois Equipment trusted line of wood finishing systems includes UV finishing equipment. Our UV finishing equipment includes UV mist coater systems for contoured shaped parts, raised and flat panel doors, as well as 3-dimensional substrates. Dubois develops and manufactures UV finishing equipment to help customers optimize efficiency and productivity to improve bottom line. We will meet your needs with UV finishing equipment that gets the job done right, while working within your existing structure and staying within your budget. We custom develop and install your UV finishing equipment and provide you with the support you need for a turnkey solution. Dubois made its first UV application and UV curing equipment in 1969, and since then we have been issued four patents for UV finishing machines. In 2004 we were selected as a Challenger’s Award finalist for our Mist Coater, which revolutionized the spray of 100% solids UV coating for 3D parts. We were a Challenger’s Award winner at the 2006 IWF show for our 3D UV Oven, which allowed for both even dose and peak intensity on all surfaces of a 3D part. For more information see: Dubois Finishing Equipment

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