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Anderson American Anderson Specializing in 3, 4, 5 AXIS machines. Standard CNC offering PTP, Selexx, Stratos, Exxact and Andimaxx. These centers form Anderson’s standard production series and when joined by our fully customized machines, offers our client a solution that is both well engineered and to the most exacting of standards. See:
Anderson America

Timesaves is the World's Largest Manufacuturer of wood surfacing machinery. For over sixty years, Timesavers has been providing widebelt abrasive finishing machines for surfacing wood, metal, plastics and a wide range of other materials. As a pioneer in sanding technology , Timesavers leads the way with over 50,000 machines in the field today.See:

Ultimate Manufacturing Technologies specializes in finding you the correct machinery for wood, stone, plastics, metal, composites, and related manufacturing. Ultimate Manufacturing Technologies is a full servicing machine and tooling distributor. We train on all machinery and program 3,4 and 5 axis CNCs.

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Anderson , Timesavers, Voorwood, Italpresse, Entecco/Nestro, Koch, U.S. Air Compressor, Vitap, Dubois, Doucet, Denray, Powermatic, Ritter, Leadermac, CanTek...

Software products including Alphacam, Cabinet Pro, KCD, and Artcam.

ALPHACAM TRAINING in-house or we will come to you!

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